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Updated 16 April, 2007

To understand female reproduction and the diseases of the female reproduction organs, it is important to understand their basic structure. It is especially important to understand the structure known as the endometrium.

Menstruation is a very important indicator of the function and condition of the female reproductive organs. Menstruation occurs due to the unique lining ( mucus membrane) that covers or line the cavity inside the womb. This mucus membrane is so unique that it has it's own scientific name "The Endometrium".

This lining constantly changes it's thickness and appearance during the menstrual cycle. It's appearance and function is under direct control of the female hormones (estrogen and progesterone). For a discussion and illustration about these changes visit "Menstruation".

It is important to first understand the basic structure of the female organs. We will illustrate and discuss the basic structure later in this page.

It is important to note that the uterus is a mobile organ, It can accommodate the contents of the bladder by changing its position ( a full bladder easily pushes it backwards). In the same manner bowel movements are accommodated.

Female Organs sub-topics: "The Vagina", "The Cervix", "The Fallopian Tubes", "The Ovary", "The Uterus"

Diagrams of the Female Reproductive Organs
The following pictures and drawings show the front and side views of these organs. The endometrium is colored yellow in the right sided drawings to draw attention to the importance of this layer. The left sided drawings illustrate the position of the organs in the body. The first picture on the left ( showing a front view) illustrate the position of the ovaries more accurately. In the living body the ovaries lie behind the uterus and not next it.



The uterus usually bends forward towards the bladder, but in about 20% of women it bends backwards toward the spine. If yours is lying backwards and you are well then do not worry about it. For more information about the position of the uterus go to The Positions of the Uterus (Womb).

Graphical Representation of the Endometrium
The endometrium is the lining (mucus membrane) that covers the cavity inside the womb. The following two drawings illustrate how it's thickness differs in different stages of the menstrual cycle.
This drawing illustrates the thick endometrium immediately before the onset of menstruation.
This drawing illustrates the thin endometrium immediately after the menstruation stopped.

Female Organs sub-topics: "The Vagina", "The Cervix", "The Fallopian Tubes", "The Ovary", "The Uterus"

The following video clip shows the female organs as seen through a laparoscope
(a camera inserted through the belly buton)

If the video fails to load CLICK HERE