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Contents of Female Health Made Simple


II Female Organs



        (3) Uterus

        (4) Ovary


III Normal Menstruation

        (1)Endometrium: A Graphic Description of the Microscopic Structure

IV Normal Ovary and Ovulation

        (1) Graphic Presentation of Synchronised Ovarian and Endometrial Cycles

V Fertilization

VI Implantation and Early Pregnancy

VII Ovarian Cysts

VIII Polycystic Ovaries

IX Papsmears

        (1)Abnormal Papsmears

X Infertility

XI The Pill and Other Forms of Contraception

XII Menstrual Abnormalities

XIII Endometriosis


XIV Female Growths and Cancer

        (1) Of theVulva

        (2) Of the Vagina

        (3) Of the Cervix

        (4) Of the Uterus

        (5) Of the Tubes

        (6) Of the Ovaries

XIV Gynaecological Operations

        (1) Hysterectomy

        (2) DD&C

        (3) Hysteroscopy


        (6) Tubal ligation (sterilization)

        (8) Ectopic pregnancy

XV Gynecological Diseases

        (8) Ectopic pregnancy

        (2) Abnormal bleeding (menstruation)

        (3) Adhesions explained

            Photos expaining adhesions

Infections causes by bacteria and viral agents

        (3)Vaginal discharges

            (a) Thrush

           (b) Vaginosis


           (d) Other bacterial infections

           (f) Non infective excessive discharges (leucorrhoea)

        (4) Ectopic Pregnancy

        (5) Lower abdominal pain

        (6) Period Pains

        (7)Pregnancy in the tubes

        (8) Salpingitis

        (9) Spotting

        (10) Tummy pain

        (11) Vaginal discharges

        (12) Prolapse of the Female Organs

            More illustrations prolapse

XVI Sonar ( Ultrasound ) examinations

XVII Pubety

XVIII Menopause and osteoperosis

XIX Pregnancy and Childbirth

infections: Bacterial & Viral Glossary gynecological medical terms

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