Operations for Pre Cancerous Lesions of the Cervix.

This page provides basic knowledge about the medical procedures known as cone biopsies, Letzz procedures, laser cone. These prosudures are done to treat pre- cancerous lesions of the cervix. {see papsmears and abnormal papsmears ).

All these procedures are done to remove or destroy abnormal cells on the cervix and thus preventing them to develop into cancer.



A Graphic Presentation of the Cone Destruction and Cone Biopsies of the Cervix.


The next drawing illustrates the womb and ovaries without the vagaina. The cervix and the cervical os ( the lower openin g of the womb) are clearly visible.


The next drawing illustrates a cone biospy. A piece in the form of a cone is cut from the cervix.


The next drawing illustrates the technique of doing a cone biopsy on a cross section of the uterus.





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