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The uterus is not a rigid organ that constantly occupies the same position. It is attach to the vagina in a way that allows movement from side to side and back to front.

1. The normal posiion : (Scientific notation: Anteversion and anteflexion (A/V and A/F))

The uterus is bend forward lying over the bladder. As the bladder fills up the uterus is pushed backward. This position is therefore influenced by the contents of the bladder.

2 . The bladder is full

3. Lying towards the back: (Scientific notation: Retroversion and retro flexion (R/V and R/F))

The uterus is bend backwards and resting on the lower part of large bowel . Previously thought of as a position that should be rectified and changed to the common position where the uterus lies to the front. Different operations were invented to pull the uterus to the front. See Ventrosuspension at Gynaecological Operations.

The uterus can also tilt to the left and right. This allows it to addobt to different body positions , bowel contents , bladder contents etc. without causing tension on iets stucture and causing pain.

The position of the uterus is normally of no health concern.

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